Hooray! I've had guests!

In the month of October I had two sets of guests. Ian King and Cindy Thornton were here for 3 days in early October, and Melissa, her husband and niece were here for six days in mid-October. Those guests plus the trip to the Netherlands and Belgium helped make the time pass more quickly. By the end of October, I began to feel really ready to go home. I think if I had it to do over again, I would say that 3 months would have been sufficient to test the succession plan. But the extra two months taught me more about myself.


What have I learned about myself? Well, I have found that I am very resilient in that I am able to pull myself up before I fall into feeling depressed. October was chilly (much cooler than I’m used to), but sunny most days. There were some foggy mornings, but the afternoons would clear off to clouds and sun. When there is sunshine out, I am much better able to deal with being alone. It also helped that my good friends in Birthday Club sent me a dvd player and a bunch of dvds so that I have something to do in the evenings. The sun goes down very early here – around 5:15 now, so I would have a really long evening without the dvds.


November has been rainy and cold (overnight lows in the 30s and daytime highs under 50). Thankfully, I will have guests for almost all month. When I am alone, I really miss my fur babies. I will be very happy to see Roxy and my two remaining cats in a little over 3 weeks. I have found I am comfortable with myself as company, but I do miss the contact comfort the fur babies give me.


This month Sam and Judi McGuire came for 7 days, and Abbie arrived while they were here for a 6 day stay. I was happy that I was able to offer my staff the opportunity to come visit since so many people cancelled their trips. It was good to see both Melissa and Abbie and to be able to see that each of them were able to “hold down the fort” alone.


This week my friend, Dorothy Hall arrives, and at the end of the week Cici and family will be back for the week of Thanksgiving. Of course, France doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I always make a big deal about the holiday, so it would have been sad to spend that holiday alone. I have plans to take all of them to some places I have been several times, but also to a couple of places that it will be my first time seeing.


Several people have asked me what the reaction has been here to our election. During the campaign, the few French people I know expressed concern over the rhetoric they heard. Now that Donald Trump has been elected, they are worried that things he said during the campaign will come to pass. One magazine cover I saw this week pretty much said it all- “ Trump – le Grand Chaos”. I certainly feel less hopeful that I did Monday night! But I am trying to stay optimistic and hope that much of what was said was in the heat of battle, and the outcome will be more middle of the road.