Last Week in France

My last few days in my house, and the sun has finally come out again. After a month of drizzle or rain, it is wonderful to see the sun! It’s amazing that the house even feels warmer, even though the air outside is actually colder, and the wind is freezing. In many ways, the last five months have flown by. When I have had guests here, it seemed the days disappeared way too quickly. The weeks I was alone, the days seemed to drag slowly. But now in just a week I will be on my way home again.  I leave the house on Wednesday to return the car, and spend five days in Paris.


What have I accomplished in the five months? I have very thoroughly seen the middle section of France – to the point that I really don’t need Summer’s excellent driving instructions to get to some places. My French has improved until this last week – when it feels like it has all just flown out of my mind! I’m thinking in English again in anticipation of going home. I have to say, my French did not improve as much as I had hoped, but I have definitely been able to get by. While there aren’t many people in this area who are English speakers, a lot of people understand as much English as I do French so if I don’t have the French words, and speak English, they will sometimes be able to understand what I need.


I have read over 100 books since I arrived – sometimes reading a book a day. Thank God for my Kindle! I finished a needlepoint tapestry, and started knitting a (very expensive) lap blanket (using cashmere and silk yarn I bought here). I have learned to be comfortable alone, and to look at new experiences as adventures. I’ve gotten a lot of rest – slept 9-10 hours most nights, so I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. And I’ve seen that my staff is very capable of taking care of my clients and getting work accomplished without me being there. That is a very good thing!


I’m ready to be home, though, and now am looking forward to seeing all my friends next week! I will not be in the office until the first of the year, but will be available by phone or email at home!