Millennial Generation

Whether you’re a young professional, a couple just starting out or a growing family, Conger Wealth Management’s MillennialGen Planning can help meet your needs. For those who are between 25 and 35 with a household income of $100,000 plus, MillennianGen planning can help answer the questions that are keeping you up at night:  

  • How can I prioritize my spending so I live well now and when I'm older?
  • How much should I really be saving for retirement?
  • Am I getting best value from my employee benefits?
  • What's the best way to get out from under our combined student loans and other debts?
  • Do we have enough savings if something were to happen?
  • What estate planning do we need?
  • Are we covered with the right insurance, and will my spouse be financially healthy if something happens to me?
  • There are so many investment strategies out there. Which makes the most sense for my family?
  • What about the kids college funds – can we even save enough?  
MillennialGen planning offers the same comprehensive, in-depth financial analysis received by traditional Conger Wealth Management clients. But your service is customized for young professionals, couples and growing families. Here’s a sample of what you can get from the professionals at Conger Wealth Management:  

  • Clear financial direction on choices that have enormous effects over your lifetime.
  • Advice on how to protect what matters most.
  • Ways to free up cash for spending and saving.
  • Help to make better, more objective decisions.
To begin, call Abigail at Conger Wealth Management today at 501-374-1174 or email her at